Reliability and Asset Management

Selected Projects

NSGI’s personnel have helped clients around the world successfully complete a wide range of projects. Below is a list of selected project: (for a more complete listing and description of projects, please contact us at Wclosser@thensgi.com)

1. Led the Equipment Reliability program development for a major overseas electric power company

2. Developed a Balance of Plant Thermal Performance Monitoring Program (including steam loss evaluations) for a US utility company

3. Led the developed of heat exchanger testing programs for multiple utilities

4. Project managed a Preventive Maintenance Optimization effort for major US power station

5. Developed and lead the implementation of an Equipment Reliability program of a major supplier in the semi-conductor industry

6. Project manager for a major restoration of hyperbolic natural draft cooling tower

7. Project manager for Turbine Generator Outage

8. Contracted as engineering manager for all projects associated with a utility company’s “Return to Excellence” program.

9 Contracted to lead and manage the replacement of major plant components

10. Established a program to evaluate the effectiveness of materials against hard particle and cavitation erosion.

11. Developed and implemented Work Management Process for a major US Corporation’s overseas manufacturing plant

12. Worked with a fortune 100 corporation to develop and implement their advanced maintenance program

13. Performed preliminary designs and detailed cost estimates for alternatives for increasing the heat rejection capacity of a cooling lake for a power plant

14. Conducted plant material condition assessments for overseas state owned utility company

15. Provided technical and process guidance to an overseas power companies consortium in the development of their national maintenance regulation

16. Developed and supported implementation of a reliability/asset management strategy for a major precious metals company

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