Reliability and Asset Management

Power Plant Balance of Plant Thermal Performance Improvement

1. Turbine Cycle Modeling

Our teams have developed computer models of the BOP turbine cycles using all of the major computer codes that are on the market today and several of the lesser known codes.  These models along with performance tests that our teams have developed have been used to evaluate the performance and efficiency of BOP equipment to identify opportunities for improved efficiency in the cycle.  The computer models and performance test then become part of the overall BOP Thermal Performance Monitoring program at our clients’ plants ensuring the highest efficiency possible for the plant.

2. Lost Generation Audits

There are several points in the BOP turbine cycle were electrical generation can be lost.  Some of the common locations include steam isolation valves, the main condenser and feedwater heaters.  The NSGI teams have experience identifying the location of “lost Megawatts” and in developing solutions to regain the station’s generation capability.

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